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Okay, so I went to Pride, and I took pictures. Today I will share them with you all. Hover your cursor over the image to see a brief description of each shot. All the fireworks shots say 'Fireworks!" so don't worry about those. It was a great time.

Dyke March / Celebration of Light / Pride Parade / Sunset Beach Festival

Dyke March

August 5th the Dyke March went down Commercial Drive to Grandview Park, followed by music. I watched from outside Starbucks on Commercial and 2nd.


Watched the Celebration of Light from English Bay

Pride Parade

The Pride Parade ran down Denman Street, Pacific Blvd. and then ended on Burrard. I watched it from the VIP deck at the Boathouse Resturant.

Sunset Beach Festival

The Sunset Festival was a nice way to spend the day (getting a sunburn) Ran into a lot of old friends and made some new ones.

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