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Name: Rylie Roberts
About: A University student with no direction, no motivation and no patience. He lives in an apartment with his roommate, Josh and is constantly annoyed by him. He is a student at Everton University studying sexuality. He also owns a large number of turtlenecks which he wears all year 'round
First Appearance: Page 1
Name: Josh Jones
About: Hyper, childish and goofy, Josh is about as mature as the average 12 year old. He adores shiny things and trying to make people laugh. He is perpetually happy which might be because he's dating a famous movie star.
First Appearance: Page 1
Name: Justin King
About: The wonderfully outgoing young queen of Everton, he usually is seen in bright pants and fishnets with his white-blonde hair. He is feminine, campy and proud. Underneath it all he has a heart of gold and wants to just live his life to the fullest.
First Appearance: Page 9
Name: Aaron Connor
About: Big, tough and built like a house, Aaron may not be the brightest guy around, but he's nice and cares a lot for his friends, especially Justin who he's best friends with. He doesn't speak all too much, and keeps it to a simple few words, but that's just the way he is.
First Appearance: Page 9
Name: Coco
About: A transgendered MtF who has yet to actually undergo any operations, but still passes as female 74.3% of the time (Eric measured) she is at heart a 100% canadian girl. She lives with Eric in their appartment and has a pet fish which she cares about and feeds. When out and about the town no one is quite sure what she does, but does it with incrediable fashion sense, nice lipstick and good dresses. We also find out here what her given name is.
First Appearance: Page 9
Name: Eric Toni
About: Short, cute and relativly innocent, Eric tends to be the one who tries to befriend everyone and make everyone happy. He is studying photography at Everton University and is pretty damn good at it. He also lives with Coco.
First Appearance: Page 11
Name: Alex Hillcrest
About: A celebrity who stared in "A Gay Film" and is well known through the gay film community, Alex is the cool, suave and sweet-ass boyfriend of Josh. Practically a household name, he is a sweet and kind, or at least, he is on screen.
First Appearance: Page 21
Name: Vivian Pornelli
About: A wealthy media mogul and high school friend of Rylie, Vivian is extremly well off. She has an illustrious career directing A-Grade gay porn and is very well known. She is also very energetic and cares alot about people, while very impulsive at the same time.
First Appearance: Page 25
Name: Puppy the Guppy
About: Coco's pet fish, which she was gifted when she wanted a dog. So she named him Puppy giving this little fish an identity crisis. Ironic, yes? Puppy the Guppy is also the first full-time comic strip Pyros wrote back in 1998 that was published in a local newspaper.
First Appearance: Page 43
Name: Miriam and Billy Vikerman
About: Homophobia woman with connections to Fred Hillcrest. She also has a son named Billy.
First Appearance: Page 58
Name: Jason Nakazawa
About: The token heterosexual of the comic, Jason is the stockboy at the local grocery store and an awesome guy. He's a punk-pretty boy who will jump to the defence of the needy. He also abhors homophobia and racism. He also has all the crazed anime fans after him, since he is originally born in Japan.
First Appearance: Page 60
Name: Mr. Colin Stockwell
About: The owner of the grocery store that Jason works at and a community dignitary, he is a life-long human rights activist and has interests in politics. He is strongly against homophobia, racism, sexism and all other forms of discrimination.
First Appearance: Page 61
Name: Ryan James
About: The coordinator of the local gay and lesbian support group, Ryan is the person who keeps the LGBT Center running and makes sure that there is support and events for gay and lesbians alike. He is very driven and takes what he does very seriously. He is very friendly and welcoming to people who come to him.
First Appearance: Page 70
Name: Victor North
About: The goth boy of the crowd, he's in a long-term relationship with someone no one has never met, and some speculate he's dating Dracula or some other night creature. He himself is very kind, but anti-social and rather jaded. No one knows much else about him.
First Appearance: Page 72
Name:Jenna Currie
About: The pretty girl who is still bisexual even though she is dating a guy. She can be emotional at times, but when she's not she acts as the motherly support for others. She also volunteers at the LGBT Center a lot in her spare time.
First Appearance: Page 72
Name:Vance Morris
About: A little clubbie druggie tweaker. Little is known about him yet, but he has some relationship with Sebastian. Mostly added here to clear up any confusion that he is underage, which he is not
First Appearance: Page 95
Name:Arthur Peterson
About: Heart of gold. This is a boy who likes going out and having fun, but is also responsible and good-spirited. He is totally metrosexual, and is often mistaken for being gay even though he is very sure that he isn't. His wavy blonde hair might be part of the reason as well...
First Appearance: Page 98
Name:Sebastian Van Drake
About: All those things people hate about promiscuous queers? This guy is probably behind them all. A right bastard, Sebastian has a thick Texan accent and has all the brutishness of a redneck with the upper-class of being rich and queer. Always calculating things to his best advantage, he will do anything to get what he wants no matter who he crushes in the process.
First Appearance: Page 102
About: The nutty little pornstar working for Vivian. He's hyperactive, annoying, forward and avoids pants. Usually known around Pornelli Media Services as "the welcoming comittee" he is known to pop up anywhere.
First Appearance: Page 175
About: The bulky, sexy muscle boy pornstar. He doesn't really say or do much, but is best friends with Twink and has an equal avoidance to pants. What is it with these guys and pants anyways?
First Appearance: Page 177
Name:Fredrick Hillcrest
About: Alex's politician and anti-gay priest father. Is planning on opening an ex-gay ministry in Everton.
First Appearance: Page 214
Name:Blaze Hillcrest
About: Alex's brother. Possibly an ex-gay.
First Appearance: Page 215
Name:The Littlest Barista
About: The surly barista at "The Obscure Café" who chearly dislikes his customers as much as they dislike burnt coffee.
First Appearance: Page 247
About: One of the mysterious founders of the LGBT Center. Works alone and is clearly strong physically and quick mentally.
First Appearance: Page 331
Name:Guy In Glasses(?)
About: Guy in glasses who appeared right before Mira Frost but was not seen with her.
First Appearance: Page 383
Name:Mira Frost
About: Vivian's ex-girlfriend, she is described frequently as a 'cold-hearted bitch' and other, less printable words. She lives in Los Angeles but seems to have some interest in Everton. She also runs the Velvet Society (code for something else Vivian has alluded to) and is Sebastian's boss.
First Appearance: Page 384
Name:Kelson Cain
About: He has greasey hair and combat boots. He works for the Velvet Society. Little else is known about him.
First Appearance: Page 386
Name:Bear McTavish
About: He's tough and wears a kilt. Don't call it a skirt.
First Appearance: Page 386
About: One of the mysterious founders of the LGBT Center
First Appearance: Has not appeared yet

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